Speak Up launches! 🚀

And then they came! On the 8th March – International Women’s Day we launched Speak Up! in the backroom of an Alehouse.

Some we knew already – friends, colleagues, family, some had heard about us, felt concerned, and wanted to find out more. They signed up as members, and up to the mailing lists, made donations, and suggestions as to how we can move forward as an association. There were old folks and young folks, professors, students, and administrators – lab directors, alumni and interns. Thank you for all coming.

We voted in our board, approved our statutes – and even found an auditor for our accounts. So we are all above board, legal and legitimate now! And then we celebrated – the strength in coming together, our commitment to speak up, our hopes for getting things moving and pushing them in the right direction.

The board members for the upcoming year are as follows: Alice H as president, Margrit H as vice president, Laure L as treasurer, and fellow board members Rym, Samira, Tiziana, Nay, Jasmin and Edoardo. A dream team!

Our next step: collect our members suggestions for an open letter and petition drive to call for better practices in preventing, investigating and condemning misconduct at our school.

We will keep you posted!

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